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Semih M.
Australia Australia

Bought as a package, every piece is amazing!

We have purchased this product a few months ago and it have had some great use out of it. The build quality is amazing, and it works really well. It has definitely boosted our production value and it is worth purchasing. What is even better is the team behind Edelkrone, Gokcen and the support team have been amazing. Very prompt in their responses and keen to resolve the issues that we had presented. Great company which we would definitely purchase from again.

Paul G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Excellent build quality. Dies exactly what it says on the tin.

Manu'a V.
French Polynesia French Polynesia

Great piece of gear

The steady module is a game changer for handpushing movement. Make sure to not push it to hard against the slider before tightening the screws, otherwise movement will not be smooth. The steady module should just be in contact with the belt, not forced against.

Nico C.
United States United States

Love edelkrone

It's my 2nd edelkrone slider, I love that this one is even smaller than the last one. Use it for weddings. Last one I used for 4 years, lately it was starting to show its use. This new one is excellent.

Steve M.
United States United States

Handy Battery-Less control

Works as expected, battling a tiny ‘bump” when the two halves cross each other. Skips occasionally

Carlos L.
United States United States

Great alternative to motorized

It is really adjustable. You can absolutely dial in the proper tension as you need without any issues. It allows for very controlled hand held movements.

A edelkrone Customer
Heulwyn R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Does what it says on the tin!

Great piece of equipment when you want to motorise your slider.

Edward R.
United States United States

Bump as slider travels over middle bracket

I really want to love this slider. It’s compact, easy to set up, and appears durable. But every time I slide the camera over the middle bracket (the corresponding bracket that attaches to a tripod), it bumps. The friction is unmistakable and always present. No matter what I do, I can’t avoid it. As I said, I want to love this slider. But for the price, I expect a smooth frictionless motion. I cannot recommend this product.

Christian d.
United States United States

Excellent add-on

I own the complete edelkrone motion control system for my sliders, but sometimes I just want a stripped down slider for quick movements. This really makes that possible. It really does help stabilize manual slides. And it’s adjustment is very effective. Great price too. This is a must-have for sliderPlus.

edelkrone Steady Module for SliderPLUS / SliderPLUS PRO Review
Benjamin T.
United States United States

A Must piece!

This piece is really a must when using the slider without the electronics. It's too bad it doesn't just come included with the slider for the price, but its a solid piece for those looking for a decent slide without all the other pricey gadgets you can attach.

Shad C.
United States United States


First of all this product is absolutely outstanding. Even more important I wish every company treated me this well. The customer service and the care this company approaches its customers with is absolutely world-class. Thank you so much elacron you really helped me at crucial junctures in my efforts.

Alex E.
United States United States

Great initial experience, poor follow through

I have loved following edelkrone since they started- even though it’s a premium product, once I was able to afford/expense some of the products, I’ve tried them. The slider itself was very smooth out of the box, I would recommend using it without a tripod to avoid the rainbow effect. The head (where the camera sits) has a natural divot on the wheels, which means it’s not totally gliding, you will inevitably are a bump in your footage. I never let the camera rest on the slider, Habit from previous cheaper products That don’t last. I’ll have to try my luck somewhere else, I am returning the slider and might try another product before going to a different company.

Erik S.
United States United States

Suuuuuuper awesome accessory

This is a must have for the slider. The variable tension knob can make your camera go from silky smooth medium speed (as fast as I would ever need) to super slow and smooth. There is no way I could ever get speeds this consistent by hand. The new version is smoother than first version (I have used both). Edelkrone builds top quality machines and has TOP NOTCH customer service. Cannot ask for more.

Atif N.
United States United States

Steady as she goes!

If you get the slide module v2 then this is not needed. Wasn’t really clear on the site. Will still use it though for manual slides!

Scott B.
United States United States

Great accessory

Works well to smooth out ultra slow slides! I needed to do some slow, macro slides and this helped smooth out the movement.

A edelkrone Customer
Kenny S.
United States United States

The slider is smooth when

The slider is smooth when travelling from both sides. However when it passes by the center, there is a very slight **** causing the momentum to slow. Its very slight but enough to feel it.

A edelkrone Customer
Simon G.
United States United States


quality quality quality !!!

Steady Module for SliderPLUS
If you prefer operating your SliderPLUS manually and would like to achieve motion control level smoothness while hand-pushing, Steady Module is your go-to solution.
Watch Video
Watch Video Steady Module
Hand-pushing perfected
Macro-precise hand-pushing
Steady Module easily eliminates shaky hands (human error) and enables silky smooth camera motion even at ultra low speeds.
Works great even with heavy camera loads
Unlike regular slide stabilizing solutions, aka flywheels (inertia modules), Steady Module works perfectly even with heavy camera loads.
No batteries or chargers needed!
Steady module will enable you to nail that perfect shot even when you are at a very remote location. No batteries, no chargers required; completely mechanical solution. Uses fluid dynamics to dampen the movement.
Tension adjustment
Simply adjust tension with the wheel to achieve desired dampening. Steady Module is designed to smooth out low to medium slide speeds. At high speeds, since there will already be enough momentum for a smooth slide, you don't need to use Steady Module.
Silky smooth incline shots
Steady Module beautifully handles inclines even when your SliderPLUS is vertical! Just don't take your hands off of the system while descending. This will put all the weight on Steady Module, which is not recommended for the safety of your gear.